Property Sales Tips

If you don't have time to get your home in good condition for sale, you should consider paying someone to do it for you. There are plenty of professional companies available.

​Be careful spending large amounts of money making home improvements before you sell. Major renovations may make your property sell more quickly but not necessarily for more money. Low cost, high impact improvements, if they have the potential to increase the value of your property, are recommended.

Some examples of things you can do to make your property more attractive to buyers include

  • a fresh coat of paint
  • new curtains
  • new bed/pillow covers
  • new towels in bathroom
  • new coushins on the bed and sofa
  • artwork
  • cleaning your oven and kitchen thoroughly
  • ensuring you have all the knobs for your appliances and that they work
  • tidying the pantry and cupboards
  • getting rid of clutter
  • making sure the doors are not sticky or jammed
  • cleaning the windows inside and out
  • washing and polishing the floors
  • replacing any light bulbs that don't work
  • repairing dripping taps
  • sweeping or water-blasting the paths and driveway
  • weeding and tidying the garden
  • ensuring gate and door handles work properly
  • don't leave unnecessary items lying around, this will clutter the house and make it feel small
  • try to arrange your furniture in a way that maximizes the space and appeal of your home

Setting your property sale price

In order to set the price for the sale of your property you will need to decide which fixtures you will be leaving with the property. It is standard to leave the stove, dishwasher, curtains, light fixtures, air conditioner and any flooring/carpeting.

A good way of understanding what price your property may sell for is to have a look at what’s currently on the market in your neighborhood Have a look at similar properties for sale and try to visit their open homes.